September 8, 2015

PSE-144 showcase in Elwood - Sun Sept 27

Your chance to hear PSE-144 in Melbourne. Sun Sept 27th there will be a BBQ showcasing the finished version in a large listening room.
StereoNET thread:

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August 4, 2015

Red Spade Audio 8 Channel Linear Phase DSP speaker and room correction coming soon

This is a quick heads up about an exciting product we are introducing in the near future. Quite a number of our PSE-144 customers are running DEQX and wrestling with the limitation of only being able to set up a 3 way system. Ideally a system that features our point source horn would include woofers and a sub - this means a 4 way system. It's a serious investment to buy two DEQX units. We are offering a new DSP system as an alternative. It will work as a stand alone device like DEQX but it will also mean any of our speakers can be available in an active version. We expect to have the first working prototype in a few months.

July 23, 2015

John's HE2 build complete

Mal's PSE-144 bass box build

This is a custom DIY enclosure with Acoustic Elegance TD18H+ above and below PSE-144. CNC machined skeleton structure with 4 layers of 5mm bendy ply to form the curve, then a flat baffle on the front. The PSE horn is inserted into a void between the two boxes.

February 24, 2015

PSE-144 Feb pre-order now closed

We've had a very good response but the deadline has passed and the pre-order is now closed.

A new batch is coming and we're excited about bringing extreme fidelity to a new level.

February 19, 2015

PSE-144 Feb launch deadline approaching!

Just a few more days before this pre-order closes. Not much time!

PSE-144 featured on StereoNET Australia:

February 13, 2015

Acoustic Elegance Australian group buy

Quick heads up. There is a group buy on Acoustic Elegance drivers running currently via StereoNET.

TWO DAYS remaining!

 TD15H US$295

TD18H US$399

Now is a good time to buy as the price is about to go up after this. You will soon be paying more.